April 6th, 2016
Jefferson City, Missouri
Missouri's Child Advocacy Day
34th Anniversary
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A group of child advocates display their signs as they prepare to march to the Capitol for the Child Advocacy Day Rally.

About The Missouri Alliance for Children, Youth and Families
The Missouri Alliance for Children, Youth, and Families is an outgrowth of the Child Welfare Task Force of the Governor’s Conference on Children and Youth, held in December 1981.

The Alliance was created to be a statewide network of citizens and community-based organizations whose objective is to improve coordination and communication among those concerned with the well-being of Missouri's children and families.

Our Mission
The Missouri Alliance for Children, Youth, and Families is committed to assuring that the public policies bearing most on children, youth, and families, work for them and not against them. It is in this spirit that we focus our energy and action through advocacy efforts.

About Child Advocacy Day
The primary goal of the Alliance is to organize Child Advocacy Day. Child Advocacy Day is an opportunity for advocates to become better informed about children's legislation that is coming up before the Missouri General Assembly, and to share their views with their legislators.

Purpose of Child Advocacy Day
Demonstrate an active grassroots network of citizen advocates who work to advance public policies and promote critical funding for programs that improve the lives of Missouri’s children, youth, and families.

The Leadership Committee
Leadership of the Alliance and responsibility for organizing Child Advocacy Day rotates every three years. Currently, Child Care Aware of Missouri is providing leadership. In addition, representatives from the following organizations are participating in the Leadership Committee.

Association for the Education of Young Children of Missouri

  • Sam Schissler

  • Peggy Pearl

  • Mary Beth Mann

  • Missy Riley


  • Stephanie Joellenbeck

Child Care Aware of Western Missouri, a program at The Family Conservancy

  • Debbie Karlstrand

Missouri Accreditation

  • Pamela Speer

Missouri Afterschool Network

  • Casey Hannson

Parents as Teachers National Center

  • Lisa Foehner

SIDS Resources

  • Lori Behrens

St. Louis Maternal, Child and Family Health Coalition

  • Kate Kasper

Vision for Children at Risk

  • Richard Patton

For More Information:
Stephanie Joellenbeck, Child Advocacy Day Planning Chair
AWS, (MO First Steps)