April 3rd, 2018
Jefferson City, Missouri
Missouri's Child Advocacy Day
36th Anniversary
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Advocates participate in the rally, chanting “We Care About Kids!” as they wait for the arrival of the Governor.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Child Advocacy Day?
Child Advocacy Day is an event held in Jefferson City and is sponsored by the Missouri Alliance for Children, Youth, and Families. This year, Child Advocacy Day is scheduled for April 3, 2018. It is an opportunity for child advocates to come together and show their support for children by participating in workshops, visiting exhibit booths to learn about new services and programs, discussing critical children’s issues with their legislator, and networking with other child advocates.

Who can attend Child Advocacy Day?
Anyone who wants to support children through legislative action is encouraged to attend.

Is there a registration fee?
No, Child Advocacy Day is held free of charge.

How Do I register?
You should register online to help expedite the registration process. Groups must register each individual. This helps the planning committee know how many participants are attending so there are enough materials and what parts of the state participants are coming from.

Where is Child Advocacy Day held?
This event is held in Missouri’s Capitol in Jefferson City. Advocates meet at the Capitol Rotunda (which is in the middle of the building on the first floor) where they register. Advocacy Workshops are held in the Truman Building located at 301 W. High Street (across the street from the Capitol Building). The rally and meeting with legislators occurs at the Capitol Building located at 201 W. Capitol Avenue.

What can I do at Child Advocacy Day?
Attend workshops that address topics that involve children and families as well as how to become more active in your advocacy efforts. Child Advocacy Day is an opportunity for you to meet and speak with your Senator and/or Representative about issues that affect children. You can also join an Advocacy Group by requesting to be placed in a group during online registration.

What can I do to prepare for Child Advocacy Day?
Plan to join an Advocacy Group by requesting placement in a group during registration. Your group leader will be in contact prior to April 1 with further instructions and recommendations for preparation. If you are making visits on your own it is highly recommended that you call your Senator or Representative in advance to make a 15-minute appointment with him/her on Child Advocacy Day. You can find out who your legislators are by checking the Missouri State Home Page on the web at MO Rep Lookup. Follow our Facebook and Twitter accounts for more information about important legislation.

Do I have to talk to my legislators?
No, but there is ample opportunity to do so if you would like to. You will receive information that you may simply leave with your legislator instead of making a scheduled appointment. In addition, you can still show your support for children in other events and activities during the day. However, if you would like to meet with your legislators, it is highly recommended that you contact them ahead of time and set up an appointment (see previous question).

How do I find my legislators at the Capitol?
You can find out who your legislator is either during registration (which is first thing in the morning in the Capitol Rotunda) or by visiting the Information Table in the exhibit area on the 3rd floor in the Capitol Rotunda or at the Truman Building during the morning sessions.

Where do I get in the building?
It is most convenient for Child Advocacy Day participants to enter the Capitol through its front doors located behind the large set of outdoor steps/lawn area.

Where can I park?
Parking is available in the Madison Street Garage for a fee. Free parking is available on the west side of the Capitol (down the hill). Click here to view a map of public parking lots. Lots 9, 10, 12, 13, 13A, 14, 16 and 18 all have free public parking.

What if I have questions while attending Child Advocacy Day?
Locate one of the Child Advocacy Day volunteers wearing a red “Volunteer” badge.